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Drooms NXG is the First Data Room Designed for its Users: Intuitive, Fast and Automated

Drooms NXG is the first data room to take intuitiveness and intelligence to the due diligence process. There is no need for user guides, as its clean design ensures a unique user experience. Enjoy its new smart workflow. Get started now

Instant Access Technology

Advanced Permissions
Detailed Reporting
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Top Security Standards

Instant Access Technology

With Drooms NXG tailored technology, we take care of every detail of your transaction. The platform offers a series of features enabling high-speed document processing, so the information is always up to date and easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Permissions

Drooms NXG delivers permissions such as “view”, “download” and “print”. You can grant permissions directly from the respective index point. In addition, Drooms NXG offers a brand new functionality that revolutionizes the data room workflow preventing documents from being edited or deleted even by the user who uploaded them.

Detailed Reporting

For an immediate overview of user activities in your data room, all administrators have access to the dashboard, a powerful tool enabling the intuitive visualisation of the entire data room activity. Create the graphic report of the groups and actions you need and employ it for your personal management reporting presentation. With Drooms NXG, you can create significant analytics with a few clicks.

Top Security Standards

Drooms complies with European data protection legislation and has proprietary servers in Germany and Switzerland. Moreover, the advanced permission feature allows you to keep control over each document.

Document Translation

The document translation feature of Drooms NXG allows you to work in your favourite language.

Notes and Highlights

Highlight something important and comment on it, be it an entire document, a page or a specific part of the text.

Two-Factor Authentication

For the most confidential projects, Drooms NXG offers a two-factor authentication process.


Corporate branding is a smart solution to customize your data room with your company logo and a project image.


The new Q&A workflow is so intuitive, it can be set up in a matter of minutes and is fully self-operating, even for complex projects requiring several levels of approval.

Findings Manager

The Findings Manager’s algorithm filters the data room content and automatically attributes relevance to search terms, synonyms, and related search patterns.

New Q&A Tool

Drooms NXG revolutionises the Q&A by making it easy to set up and enjoyable to use. Even complex Q&A processes with several levels of specialist approval are simple to configure, while an enhanced range of activity enables a more efficient workflow. For instance, you can add an attachment to an answer or link the latter to a document in the data room! You can also tailor the Q&A individually according to your needs and automate parts of the workflow, as well as keep full control over group activities and user permissions.

Q&A Tool Details




Drooms NXG technology permits a faster document conversion process: speed is maximised for upload, download and viewing of documents. To create your data room easily and upload new files and folders, simply drag and drop your items from your desktop to the index.



Drooms offers certified server facilities complying with EU security standards, the strictest in the world. You don't need to install third-party software or plug-ins. Additionally, you are protected by dynamic watermarks on each and every page of a document.



Drooms NXG is the first data room enabling a great user experience. We are committed to simplify your due diligence activities by creating an intuitive workflow. Actions are where you expect them to be, allowing you to better focus your time and energy on the transaction itself.



To manage a project successfully, you need to have detailed information available. Drooms NXG reporting feature provides granular insights on every user and document activities. In addition, the powerful search feature will guide you through the data room.



Create the data room that suits the needs of each transaction. You can start with the free version and upgrade as needed to up to 1000s of users in our Web Shop. If you need support in structuring your data room, our project managers will help you with the configuration 24/7.


Full Services

Don't want to wait in line? Drooms collects the information on your behalf. In case important documents are lacking in the imminence of a transaction, Drooms teams take over and collect the information from the responsible authorities. The material is then digitised and uploaded to the data room with the highest confidentiality and professionalism.

Drooms Services

Drooms Exposé

Fast, simple and secure tool for generating interest in your assets. Drooms Exposé was developed to enable more effective and successful marketing of high-value assets. It allows you to quickly and easily present real estate holdings online to potential buyers.

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