Question & Answer Tool

An essential part of due diligence is the question-and-answer process between participating parties

Having facilitated thousands of transactions, we at Drooms know how important the questions-and-answers aspect of a transaction can be. With this in mind, we created the interactive Drooms Q&A tool, which is integrated into our virtual data rooms. It delivers fast and efficient administration of online and answer proceses. Using the Q&A tool, you can avoid the usual flood of emails, faxes, and pages of Excel spreadsheets that are common in most transactions. 



Our Q&A tool is customisable to meet your needs and designed to easily handle simple and multi-level clearing procedures, allowing you to monitor and control the entire process. For example, when a question is posed, it can be directed to be "cleared" by another party – or even several different parties – before it is sent to a specialist who is qualified to answer. 

We know no two transactions are exactly alike, and we design your Q&A around your needs. Flexibility is the most important benefit of the Drooms® Q&A tool.

Transparency Is in the Details

The Drooms® Q&A tool includes detailed reporting both in real-time and for your post-transaction records. At any given time, you can see how many questions have been asked, by whom, how many are waiting for answers, and how long they have been waiting.