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Secure Cloud Solutions for Important Business Information

Starting, growing, and running a business involves a large amount of paperwork that includes confidential data. Sensitive information, such as financial reports, business plans, and construction plans, must often be made available to different internal (e.g., business managers in different locations) and external stakeholders (e.g., vendors, bankers, or advisors). 

There are many different cloud services for data storage and data sharing on the market – some available even for free. But those services quickly reach their limits when it comes to confidential data. This is where Drooms comes in.

Protect What's Yours

Drooms ensures the safe handling and secure exchange of sensitive information so that your company, including any corporate and governing bodies, is fully compliant with increasingly stringent data protection regulations. With our user access management tool, you can determine who can view, save, or print sensitive information.  

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Virtual data rooms were originally created to streamline the due diligence process and are therefore subject to high security standards. Drooms helps strengthen your company's compliance management by giving you full control of the data room, allowing you to set individual user access rights and oversee distribution of company information. It also documents all activity in real time, creating a reliable audit trail.


Worldwide, secure access to the data room

Encrypted Data

SSL technology and AES encrypted with a 256-bit key length

Rights Management

Assign and revoke user access rights as necessary

Secure Server Locations

Data supported by ISO-certified facilities in Germany and Switzerland

Integrated Tech Support

Drooms provides all tech support related to the data room, reducing your IT costs


Convenient mobile access with our iPad and iPhone apps

New Q&A Tool

Drooms NXG revolutionises the Q&A by making it easy to set up and enjoyable to use. Even complex Q&A processes with several levels of specialist approval are simple to configure, while an enhanced range of activity enables a more efficient workflow. For instance, you can add an attachment to an answer or link the latter to a document in the data room! You can also tailor the Q&A individually according to your needs and automate parts of the workflow, as well as keep full control over group activities and user permissions.

Q&A Tool Details


"Drooms helped us quickly set up a comprehensive virtual data room to support a cross-due diligence process in a strategic partnership scenario. Drooms did a great job, was timely, and worked effectively with us. They were really flexible in managing all the exceptions and contingencies we faced."

Corporate Development Manager
FIS Antex Group, Milan

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