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Secure and Efficient Document Flow for Top Executives

Stricter compliance requirements, managing numerous confidential documents, the seemingly endless preparation and follow-up to board meetings, and preventing confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands—whether at a small- or medium-sized enterprise or big corporation, these are some of the challenges corporate secretaries and other executive staff are familiar with.

24/7 Secure Access 

Every manager is familiar with this situation: You are on the road and need access to confidential documents, such as articles of incorporation, board decisions, or annual statements – and you would like immediate, direct, and secure access to all documents. With Drooms, your documents are securely stored independent from your IT department and accessible around the clock via your computer, iPhone, or iPad, no matter where you are.

All-in-One Support for Board Meetings

Drooms is a centralised virtual communications and document storage platform that allows you to focus on making decisions instead of worrying about piles of paperwork tied to the preparation of and follow-up to board meetings. You also can check your virtual notes during the meetings and make notes directly in the data room, which are documented for later review. Over time, you create a documented record of the whole history of your company, including all major decisions.

No-Hassle Compliance

Executive communications, particularly board communications, are required to comply with stricter reporting and monitoring regulations. Drooms archives and records all activity within the data room in real time, creating a reliable audit trail. Errors such as emailing sensitive information to the wrong address caused 29.4 percent of data breaches in 2014, according to a recent study. With Drooms, documents can be securely shared with colleages and trusted advisors. 


Exclusive access for top executives to confidential corporate documents anytime, anywhere


Convenient mobile access with our iPad and iPhone apps

Paperless Workflow

No more carrying around binders full of papers


Detailed, real-time reports of all data room content and activities

Secure Server Locations

Data supported by ISO-certified facilities in Germany and Switzerland

Easy to Use

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Data Room

Controlled access to highly confidential documents
Europe's leading data room provider

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Structured Online Q&A Processes

With the integrated Q&A feature in Drooms, questions can be posted and addressed immediately by the correct specialist, enabling a lean and fast communications process and helping you avoid the usual flood of emails, faxes, and pages of Excel spreadsheets.

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"The Drooms team provided excellent data room management and was always available on call 24/7. No matter what the request, they were there to solve the problem and make things work smoothly at all hours and with nothing but helpful and positive approaches. If there were tasks I needed done around the data room that we were just short on resources to finish, these guys would pitch in and help whenever requested to do so."

Chief Financial Officer
Fieldglass Inc., Chicago

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