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Efficiency for Your Workflow

Conducting due diligence is at the very heart of many transactions and is a tedious and time-consuming examination of numerous documents—a process that often can be difficult to manage when multiple parties are involved. However, the traditional challenges usually faced by those performing due diligence, including document management and lack of transparency, have been significantly reduced as users switch from traditional physical data rooms to virtual data rooms.  

Structure Your Process

A virtual data room should not just be a communication platform used to securely exchange confidential documents – the software also should allow you to conduct your due diligence process in a structured and transparent manner. A proper virtual data room should include:

  • A clear and flexible index structure that supports document review workflows
A detailed rights management system, including structured Q&A processes
  • A reporting process that increases transparency and creates a clear audit trail

Drooms is your reliable software partner focused on streamlining online due diligence processes and supporting the needs of your industry by providing services such as collecting, indexing, and digitising documents for transaction preparation.

Speed Matters

Whether due diligence is required as part of a fundraising campaign, real estate asset sale, or an M&A transaction, speed is the key success factor for viewing and managing documents for both the buy and sell sides of a transaction. Drooms Instant Access Technology was developed specifically for this purpose and can help increase the likelihood of closing by helping speed up the process. It includes:

  • High-speed access to documents, including large-scale plans
High-speed batch uploads to process large volumes of documents
Single-click feature that provides a complete index overview
  • Immediate access to new documents

Due Diligence Index

Are you responsible for preparing a deal and try to figure out which content is important? Start collecting your important documents immediately. Our Standard Due Diligence Index with the most important documents can be found here.

Download Due Diligence Index Here


Worldwide, secure access to the data room


Integrated Q&A process for a more efficient communications workflow

Rights Management

Assign and revoke user access rights as necessary


Parallel implementation of online due diligence for an unlimited number of bidders


Detailed, real-time reports of all data room content and activities


Convenient mobile access with our iPhone and iPad apps

Data Room

Controlled access to highly confidential documents
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Structured Online Q&A Processes

With the integrated Q&A feature in Drooms, questions can be posted and addressed immediately by the correct specialist, enabling a lean and fast communications process and helping you avoid the usual flood of emails, faxes, and pages of Excel spreadsheets.

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"Our collaboration with Drooms went smoothly, without any problems whatsoever. Drooms proved itself a reliable partner and consultant throughout the entire transaction. The fast and user-friendly platform made the project flow seamlessly. A truly exceptional service provider who we can recommend without reservation."

Deputy Managing Director
NLB InterFinanz AG, Zurich

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