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New! How to Share Business-Critical Information in the Era of Cyber Threat

As cyber-risk keeps increasing, simple guidelines will help you to protect your confidential information.

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New Checklist! Drooms Letter of Intent

The letter of Intent sets the tone of a transaction and it is meant to ground a relationship of trust and goodwill between parties involved in a negotiation. In order for you to avoid time-wasting issues at a later stage of the deal, we have created a Letter of Intent Checklist.

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Fourteen Must-Haves to Boost the Efficiency of Your Data Room

Stop wasting time with data room software that doesn’t really improve your workflow.

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Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD)

Securing Compliant Processes for the Entire Lifecycle of an Asset.

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Drooms Data Room for the Life Sciences Sector

Exchanging documents is at the core of the healthcare industry. Protecting their confidentiality shouldn’t be compromised.

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Managing Attachments for Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs)

With this short guide to managing attachments in a data room, stakeholders can make sure they have the most current versions of all the agreements at disposal – and they can find them easily.

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Due Diligence Index™

You are responsible for preparing a deal and try to figure out which content is important? Start collecting your important documents immediately. Our Due-Diligence-Index with the most important documents can be found here.

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gif Standard for Real Estate Transactions

All you need to fasten your transaction and make it more efficient. Download the index as Excel or Zip file for free.

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Asset Life Cycle Management

This white paper explains how to successfully implement a life cycle data room and how using one can help save money and time, as well as execute your deals faster.

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Online Due Diligence

This white paper explains how classic virtual data room processes are handled in regards to online due diligence, as well as explaining the key steps involved.

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Automated Teaser Process

We provide a brief overview of how technology is changing asset marketing and the teaser process. 

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Protection of Corporate Data

Europe after the data protection scandal: How can confidential corporate data be protected?

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Three Steps to a Well-Structured Transaction Data Room

How an Efficiently Structured Data Room Can Help Avoid a Transaction Markdown.

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Five Steps to a Smooth Q&A Process for Transactions

Find out more about how you can streamline the Q&A process.

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Transaction Management: Buy-Side Due Diligence

Speed up buy-side due diligence and reduce transaction costs. 

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Online Due Diligence for Oil and Gas Transactions

This white paper explains how classic virtual data room processes are handled in regards to online due diligence for oil and gas transactions, as well as explaining the key steps involved.

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