Market Your Assets Professionally


Fast, Simple, and Secure Tool for Generating Interest in Your Assets

Drooms EXPOSÉ was developed to enable more effective and successful marketing of high-value assets. Our software allows you to quickly and easily present real estate holdings online to potential buyers.

Fast Set-Up

Assets are staged using images, texts, interactive maps, and documents such as construction plans or market studies. The interface is designed to allow users to customise an EXPOSÉ that is in line with their corporate image requirements.

Flexible Rights Management

Access to an EXPOSÉ is restricted only to those who have received personal invitations from the owner or seller. Restricting access guarantees security and complete control of the sale process, helping to prevent unauthorised disclosure and dissemination of confidential marketing material.

Detailed Reporting

Using the reporting function, sellers can also track whether or how intensively the EXPOSÉ was reviewed by the invited parties.

Professional Presence

First impressions count. This adage also applies to asset marketing, and an attractive and professionally designed EXPOSÉ is crucial to success when marketing to potential prospects. Drooms EXPOSÉ is the modern alternative to classic print exposés.

Easy Administration

EXPOSÉ setup is fast, straightforward, and easy

Mobile Access

Whether in the office, at home, or on the go, you can access EXPOSÉ anywhere

Control of Processes

Only authorised users can access EXPOSÉ

Real-Time Reports

Real-time reports show which assets were viewed, when, and by whom

Maximum Security

Secure server locations in Germany and Switzerland

Individual Design

Drooms EXPOSÉ can be customised according to your needs


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Market Residential and Commercial Properties

With the help of Drooms EXPOSÉ, asset managers, brokers, and owners can create online Exposés for individual assets or entire portfolios with just a few clicks.

Market Businesses and Fixed Assets

Digital M&A teasers are a modern, alternative sales media option for M&A managers, consultants, auditors, and investment bankers. For many market participants, this approach is still new, but numerous steps that were carried out manually earlier in this industry are now supported by appropriate software tools.

Market Luxury Goods

Globally, the professional and confidential marketing of high-value assets such as boats, airplanes, or art objects depends largely on proper presentation. Drooms  EXPOSÉ gives you the right software tool.


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