Efficient Online Due Diligence

Time plays a key role in transactions – therefore, efficient due diligence processes are vital for the quick, successful completion of projects. 

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Bring Your Assets to Market Faster 

Continuous maintenance of your database is more cost-effective than constantly having to start from scratch for each due diligence transaction. With the help of a structured and centralised index, important documents in the asset life cycle (buy/hold/sell) are always available so that the sales process can be initiated at any time.


Efficiency for Top Management

Business professionals often require quick access to confidential corporate documents (e.g., founding documents) while they are travelling. A secure and centralised document database ensures you can locate what you need immediately while also protecting against unsecured mail traffic and unwanted third-party access.


Shield and Share Confidential Documents

There are many different cloud services that allow you to save and share data with third parties – sometimes even for free. However, those services quickly reach their limits when it comes to ensuring that confidential documents do not end up in unauthorised hands. This is where Drooms comes into play.