Fintech DealMarket Makes Investors Easily Spot and Manage the Best Deals

21. February 2017

The investment market is full of complexity and the best investments opportunities are often hidden jams. Besides experience and knowledge, investors need intelligent technology helping them to sight, catch, and manage the best opportunities out there. With a fully customisable deal flow management, we believe DealMarket is an empowering tool for investors, that’s why it integrated Drooms’ product portfolio.

Fintech Blossoming: Smart Technology is Turning Everyman into an Investor

Today, anybody provided with some money and a good internet connection can decide to become an investor. Even if you have little to none experience in investing, there is specific software for assessing risk and opportunities in the market and thereby helping to find adapted investment targets. For those who play around with more than one commitment, there is also a wide choice of investment tracking technology. Fintech is flourishing with products and business models supporting personal investment projects.

Managing Multiple Deals is Easier Than Ever Before

The investment world is also benefiting from technological disruption and artificial intelligence, as investors witness a huge development in tools that aim at facilitating the most energy- and time-consuming processes. As the market becomes increasingly volatile, deal management grows in complexity and size, so increase the challenges facing managers who need to discern between multiple investment activities.

Large volumes of interesting transaction deals, both buy-and sell-side, require quality information and tracking systems. Organisations are challenged to efficiently bundle and share their deal knowledge in a controlled manner. Face increasing competition, it proves more and more important to nurture and grow your investment network, which creates the need for more efficient and structured formats and processes.

In other words, dealflow management tools are a great first step towards integrating smartness into the good old ways of managing portfolios. At Drooms, we know how critical the phases preceding due diligence are both on the buy- and sell-sides. Screening and managing investment targets require a lot of communication and organisation also involving the exchange of confidential business information.

Drooms Encourages Investors to Explore Tailor-Made Project Management Tools

At Drooms, we specialise in providing data rooms for due diligence processes in transactions. However, we know from experience that due diligence is only one (decisive) aspect of a long and complex process with several parties and a great deal of expertise involved. Failing to prepare properly for due diligence processes can be damaging for both sides of a transaction, can waste time and money for everybody involved, and can eventually even hinder a good deal.

To support investors in preparing for due diligence with the aid of thorough records and numbers, Drooms decided to acquire DealMarket, a Swiss FinTech company specialising in the management of complex investment projects. Thanks to DealMarket, investors have a tool where they can set up customised deal flows, enabling them to organise and monitor every step of their investment activities until the moment of truth, i.e. due diligence.

Five Keywords for Deal Management According to DealMarket

Structure: Instead of deal information being spread across emails, desktop folders and printouts, it is possible to access deal information in one centralised database. DealMarket offers a dashboard with extensive analytical, search and report capabilities and access to full deal profiles and document storage.

Collaboration: You can share opportunities with colleagues, partners and clients anywhere in the world through your mobile phone. DealMarket also has task management, networking and messaging features that make collaboration easier.

Bond: There is nothing better than highlighting interesting opportunities for your clients, partners and co-investors to strengthen the bond with them, as they will be able to access the offers quickly and have an overview of each ongoing project. Just allocate them user rights for selected projects and start working together. You can set up and print deal sheets for the next meeting.

Compliance: Regulatory pressure in deal handling is becoming more complex and time-consuming, that’s why DealMarket created automated processes that help you to comply with these regulations.

Transparency: As DealMarket is fully customisable, it enables implementation of clearer processes and therefore gives greater transparency. This results in better-matched opportunities between the buyer and seller sides and, ultimately, better deals!

Whatever investment trend you are following, you want to have luck on your side. As Greg Silberman writes in a recent post:

“As in mining, great investments are extremely rare. Expect to go through many layers of dross to find that fantastic investment. In my experience great investments simply don’t POP up, they are usually dirty and covered up with lots of hair (complexity).”

To spot the light underneath the complexity and protect your capital, you need tools like DealMarket.

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