Drooms Deal Flow

Digitisation of the investment processes and fundraising

Investment processes have transformed in recent years thanks to the technological revolution. Processes like fundraising have become digitised and transformed from deals you make in the back of an office room to clicks of a button online. What is driving the digitisation of the investment processes?

25. April 2017 | Read Article

Why you need a virtual data room

The cloud is everywhere and we often take it for granted. In fact, not every cloud is the same. You might be ok with storing pictures of your last vacation on whatever cloud service—practice we advise against anyway!—but your business information should never be stored and shared uncritically. That’s where virtual data rooms (VDRs) come in: they offer a higher degree of protection for everything confidential.

18. April 2017 | Read Article

Applications of Artificial Intelligence are Turning Lawyers into Technologists

If artificial intelligence is already streamlined within the financial industry, law firms are just starting to invest in disruptive technologies. The first item on the agenda is speeding up processes, namely by replacing long hours of document reviewing with automated and smart workflows. AI is about to change the way we execute due diligence forever.

17. March 2017 | Read Article

Fintech DealMarket Makes Investors Easily Spot and Manage the Best Deals

The investment market is full of complexity and the best investments opportunities are often hidden jams. Besides experience and knowledge, investors need intelligent technology helping them to sight, catch, and manage the best opportunities out there. With a fully customisable deal flow management, we believe DealMarket is an empowering tool for investors, that’s why it integrated Drooms’ product portfolio.

21. February 2017 | Read Article

Infographic: The Top 4 Q&A Features in Data Rooms

The Question & Answer (Q&A) process is a critical part of every due diligence. This quarter, we have asked 300 M&A and real estate professionals what they expect from the Q&A technology in virtual data rooms. And we have one resounding response from them...

10. February 2017 | Read Article

Mergers and acquisitions, a sector relying on strategic innovation

Against a backdrop of global political instability and growing financial fluctuations, the M&A sector remains positive, thanks to enlightened strategies rooted in technological innovation. However, there is an expanding range of skills which the professionals of tomorrow must acquire. Technology will radically change the way in which we work.

08. February 2017 | Read Article

Fintech: an Opportunity for Financial Professionals

Predicting the performance of the stock market with consistent accuracy over the course of a year is difficult, even for seasoned investment professionals. While forecasting precise outcomes may only produce frustration or lucky guesses, it is important to periodically take stock of current market conditions and recent industry developments. Unexpected events are still going to surprise investors over the course of 2017 but, in this increasingly fluid market, reliable project management is necessary to successfully plan for whatever the future may hold.

25. January 2017 | Read Article