Zoé Constantin, director of RSA, sheds light on the specificities of cross-border transactions, namely for investors interested in the French and German markets.

18. January 2017 | Read Article

How to Achieve a Painless End-of-Year Review and Closing

At the end of the year, better to be ready for business contingencies. As companies work at reviewing and closing the fiscal year, missing relevant documentation might result in significant problems and consume unnecessary amounts of time. With these simple rules, we want to help you to have a painless end-of-year closing. Happy holiday season!

13. December 2016 | Read Article

Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2017

Commercial Real Estate assets around the world maintained their allure among investors over the first three quarters of 2016. While performance differs between and within major markets, demand for retail and office space has been stable or growing in the majority of locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Demand has tapered off compared with recent years but the performance of the commercial real estate market in 2016 should give investors plenty of cheer this holiday season as well as something to look forward to heading into a new year with plenty of due diligence projects.

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Start Your Deal with the Perfect Letter of Intent with Drooms' Checklist

The LOI sets the tone of a transaction and it is meant to ground a relationship of trust and good will between parties involved in a negotiation. For you to avoid time-wasting issues or missed opportunities at a later stage of the deal, we have created an LOI Checklist. Download it for free and make sure you start off the negotiations on the right foot!

22. November 2016 | Read Article

Drooms Real Estate Mood Monitor: a Wait-and-See Attitude among UK Sellers

The respondents of Drooms' Real Estate Mood Monitor have a clear opinion about the UK commercial property market after Brexit: consequences may be noticed in the short and medium term, but changes will be mitigated in the long term. In the first months after the vote, Brexit has led to a fall in UK commercial property prices, thereby attracting hungry foreign investors. Germany comes second as a focus of attraction for foreign investment.

23. September 2016 | Read Article